Extension 1 (3 Unit) Mathematics: 100 Mini HSCs (Previous syllabus)

Author: John Smith, Publisher: Five Senses

This title does NOT follow 'Stage 6 Mathematics Extension 1' syllabus introduced in 2017 but can be used for extra practice.

This book was written for the previous 'Preliminary & HSC Mathematics Extension 1' course, also sometimes called '3 Unit'.

This book is designed to:

  • cover the entire Extension 1 Mathematics course
  • introduce you to types of questions being asked in the HSC
  • show you new methods of solution which can make your task easier
  • give you practice in completing questions set in an exam format
  • make your examination preparation straightforward.

To be successful in mathematics examinations, you need many things. Three provided by this book are:

  • practice of exam questions in an examination format. After completing the 100 Mini HSCs, the real HSC should hold few surprises
  • understanding of the theory of the course. The worked solutions have been written with this in mind.
  • what the examiners are looking for to give full marks.

To gain the most benefit, you must complete the entire 100 Mini HSCs. Of course, it is unlikely you can do this without spending time correcting, understanding and recording your mistakes. Spend as much time as necessary doing these three tasks. You will find that as you get better, the time needed for them diminishes. The author recommends one test per week until the trials - and then one per day thereafter.

The book contains two parts:

  • Tests 1 to 30 are designed for use throughout the year, while you are still learning the course.
  • Tests 31 to 100 are designed for use after the course has been completed and, as such, cover the entire course.
More Information
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9780646297378
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 1