1000 Word Dictionary

Author: Myra Ellis, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

TIMES 1000 WORD DICTIONARY has been compiled with the aim of making learning both stimulating and fun for children. This is important for children of primary school age in whom an eagerness to learn and discover can be so readily instilled.

All the entries are based on wordlists of the major testbooks used in the lower primary schools. Meanings of all entries are shown in ordinary sentence form with illustrations in full colour for further clarification.

The entry is printed in bold type. The pronounciation of each entry is shown using symbols from the International Alphabet. Where there are different meangins for one word, these are shown in separate sentences.

Certain words have been grouped together under one entry

e.g. building: school, house, shop, cinema, fire station, factory

      machine: vacuum cleaner, iron, scanner. computer, bulldozer, toaster, sewing machine

      shape: circle, rectangle, square, triangle, cone

      tree: pine, willow, mango, palm

At the ebd of the dictionary, there are fice supplements covering:

  • The Calendar
  • The Family Tree
  • Festivals
  • Numbers
  • Time

The supplements are designed to enable children to learn a word in the context of the group it is associated with.

The artist has chosen a group of names and given each a special character. They are featured in the illustrations according to the characteristics that suit the mood of a particular sentence. This and the warmth and humour of the illustrations add a unique quality to this dictionary.


More Information
Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9789810117948
Subject Early Years, English