12 Annoying Monsters: Self-talk for Kids with Anxiety

Author: Dawn Meredith, Publisher: Shining Press
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So, you’re a bit anxious sometimes. Or perhaps a lot. That’s OK! You are not alone. Lots and lots of people feel anxious at times. Read on! This book will explain:

  • what anxiety actually is
  • why it’s a natural thing your body does to protect you
  • how you can learn to switch it off when it gets overpowering

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You don’t have to be afraid of anxiety. You can control it. Let’s begin with what happens inside your body. It all starts in your brain…


About the author

Dawn Meredith holds a Bachelor of Education degree, Graduate Certificate in Counselling and post graduate studies in Language Development and Behaviour Management. She has been working with children and their families for over twenty years. Dawn is a published author of seven children’s books.

More Information
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9781876870669