4 Step Sequencing (Ages 3+)

Author: , Publisher: SMART
Now: $8.95 Was: $12.95

4 Step Sequencing is a game for children aged 3 and up to build stories and events in correct sequence.

It includes 7 sets of four piece self-correcting puzzles for children to arrange in the correct order / sequence and to tell the story in their own language. Children understand how events have a beginning and an end and suggest suitable titles for the stories / events.

Developed in association with early learning consultants, 4 Step Sequencing will help children to build:

  • concentration
  • keen observation
  • language skills
  • new vocabulary
  • matching skills
  • logical thinking

Excellent value at only $8.95 (Recommended Retail Price is $12.95).

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Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten