Active Maths 7 Australian Curriculum Edition

Author: , Publisher: Macmillan

This is the first book in a topic-based class/homework program covering all the content descriptions and elaborations contained in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

It combines high quality skill sheets, providing a useful check on the development of skills in each topic, with investigations and technology tasks that develop problem-solving skills and build confidence. 

The simple and flexible design allows it to complement whatever other Mathematics resources are being used in your school. 

  • two skill sheets per topic, all including clearly-marked optional extension questions
  • investigations exploring key concepts associated with topics in greater depth
  • technology tasks that are specifically designed to enhance the understanding of key concepts.


1 Chance
2 Data
3 Decimal numbers
4 Fractions
5 Geometry
6 Integers
7 Linear equations
8 Linear graphs
9 Measurement
10 Number theory
11 Patterns and algebra
12 Percentages
13 Ratio and rates
14 Transformations
15 Whole numbers

More Information
Year Level Year 7
Date of Publication 7/02/2012
ISBN 9781420230635
Subject Maths