Adomania 1/A1 Student Pack English Version (Textbook, Workbook, Ebook Code)

Author: , Publisher: Hachette

The French course Adomania, which is compliant with the Australian Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum in French, is planned in 4 levels and targeted at 11-14 year old beginners. This a pack containing the textbook, workbook and digital access code for the level 1 English edition.

This text includes:

  • 1 dossier “Découverte” - the introductory unit demonstrating the French language and icons already familiar to many languages and cultures
  • 8 dossiers “Étapes” (staged learning) of 12 pages with:
  • 1 lesson to introduce discussion of the aims of the unit, theme and the related vocabulary
  • 2 study lessons, each offering familiarisation and learning pathways through the written and oral stimulus documents
  • 1 double page “Cultures” offering reading, intercultural stimulus and discussion plus a task to complete using small group and pair-work activities
  • 1 double page “Éntraînement” : language and grammar training, consolidation and exercises
  • 1 page “Evaluation” - self-testing and assessment
  • 1 double page every second dossier of training for the DELF exam - excellent testing if required
  • Supplementary booklet of transcripts of recordings, an illustrated vocabulary, grammatical summary with language expressions and conjugation tables
  • A full multimedia DVD-ROM enclosed with all audio and original documentary video clips per dossier “Étape”. These files are also accessed through the Adomania website for download
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Year Level Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 2770000094221
Subject Foreign Languages, French