All You Need to Teach Problem Solving - Ages 5-8

Author: Peter Maher, Publisher: Macmillan
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Teaching strategies and techniques to turn problems into solutions

This fabulous book is filled with all the information you need to assist your young students develop problem solving skills.

All the teaching tips you need

  • background information about different problem solving techniques and strategies
  • tips for how to implement problem solving in the classroom

All the teaching plans you need

  • step by step lesson plans for specific problems

All the worksheets you need

  • BLM student worksheets

All the task cards you need

  • photocopiable task cards for extension work

Strategies covered:

  • locate key words
  • look for a pattern
  • assume a solution
  • create a table or chart
  • make a drawing
  • work in reverse
  • find a similar but simpler problem
  • make a model
  • think logically
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Year Level Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2
Date of Publication 2004
ISBN 9780732997663