Amity College Year 7 2018

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eBooks available via FS Reader
PDFs for Introducing Music, Pearson Geography, Jacaranda Maths Quest, Jacaranda Retroactive and Oxford Insight Science can be downloaded directly from 'Get Books' in FS Reader. This is available for both print+digital and digital-only options.

Important: If you order the DIGITAL-ONLY version of Maths Quest 7 and/or Jacaranda Retroactive 1, you will be set up in bulk by Five Senses/Jacaranda prior to school commencement. You will not receive an access code via email.
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A Recommended Stylus for Digital Devices

847663021016 $37.99
847663021030 $37.99
847663021047 $37.99
847663021436 $47.99
847663021429 $47.99
847663021436 $47.99
847663021405 $47.99


Sendak 9780099408390 $17.99


2770000094221 $85.95


G Kleeman, H Rhodes et al 9781488613906 $61.95
Kleeman et al 9781488667589 $35.95


Anderson, Keese and Low 9780730348009 $94.95
Jacaranda Retroactive 1 Stage 4 NSW AC 2e learnON (Digital Only)
(If you order the DIGITAL-ONLY version, access will be set up in bulk before school commencement.)
Anderson et al 9780730347972 $69.95


Sue Burnham 9781740850056 $46.95


Smith 9780730347378 $69.95
Jacaranda Maths Quest 7 Stage 4 NSW AC 2E LearnON
(If you order the DIGITAL-ONLY version, access will be set up in bulk before school commencement.)
Smith 9780730347439 $49.95
Mathspace App (Amity Booklist)
(Access will be set up by the school)


Amity College Introducing Music Year 7 Digital
(eBook link will be emailed to you for viewing in the FS Reader app.)
Jonathan Day $15.95


9781488668869 $36.95
9781488669002 $36.95


Jenny Zhang, Diane Alford, David McGowan, Craig Tilley 9780195577549 $71.95


Isabel Alonso de Sudea, MarĂ­a Isabel Isern Vivancos, Abigail Hardwick 9780199127542 $36.95

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