An Introduction to the Concepts of Music

Author: Nick Peterson, Publisher: Cengage Learning

This exciting senior secondary Music text is an indispensable resource for Music teachers and Music students. The text introduces the concepts of music (texture, duration, pitch, tone, colour, structure and dynamics and expressive techniques), shows how they can be applied to the study of any topic and prepares students for the all-important compulsory aural skills examination. In a fun and easy-to-follow format, An Introduction to the Concepts of Music provides students with the expertise to successfully study any of the topics and prepare them for all areas of evaluation.


  • Specifically written to address the NSW HSC Music 1 syllabus, the contents offer prerequisite foundation material valuable to Music students nationwide
  • Clear and constructive approach
  • Tables that allow for simple and direct learning
  • Effortless recall techniques to help students remember all aspects of the concepts
  • Accompanying CD including a broad range of original listening examples in contrasting genres
  • Musicology worksheets to assist in analysing any piece in any style
  • Practical and Composition skill applications
  • Aural skills preparation, including sample aural answers
  • Succinct definitions and glossary of terms


  • 1. Texture
  • 2. Duration
  • 3. Pitch
  • 4. Tone Colour
  • 5. Structure
  • 6. Dynamics and Expressive Techniques
  • 7. Applying the Concepts in Topic Study
  • 8. Types of HSC Aural Questions
  • 9. Answering Music 1 Aural Questions
  • 10. Sample Aural Answers
  • Appendix
  • Rhythm, Reading and Dictaction: excerpts and tests
  • Appendix Answers
  • Rhythm, Reading and Dictaction: test answers
  • Glossary
  • CD Tracks
More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 14 October 2008
ISBN 9780170219198
Subject Music
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