Analysing and Creating Australian Stories Print Workbook

Author: Shelley McNamara, Publisher: Qwiller

Analysing and Creating Australian Stories: a student workbook provides students with the opportunity to:

  • develop skills in exploring and creating Australian stories through analysis and interpretation of perspectives and voice in creative and nonfiction texts such as prose poetry, narratives, documentaries and YouTube clips
  • consider Australia's identity and explore multicultural, Aboriginal and historical Australian stories and use these an inspiration to create their own stories that represent their perception of Australian culture and life
  • create YouTube clips that represent their contribution to a 21st century Australian voice
  • create an Australian story documentary


  • Welcome
  • Using this workbook
  • The tools you could use
  • Resources
  • Australian identity
  • Understanding voice
  • Voice in narratives
  • Australian Story
  • Creating a unique voice
  • Critical voices
  • Multicultural voices
  • Creating an effective perspective in writing
  • Refugee voices
  • Migrant success stories
  • Exploring Documentaries
  • Indigenous voices
  • Historical voices
  • Henry Lawson’s short stories
  • Exploring your voice through writing
  • Dialoguing in prose poetry
  • Developing character
  • Reflecting on your childhood
  • How to write an anecdote
  • Writing reflections on your childhood
  • Reflecting on your neighbourhood
  • Creating a YouTube clip
  • Creating a Documentary
More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2014, updated 2017
ISBN 9780994204134
Subject English