Articulate for Kids (Ages 6 to 12)

Author: , Publisher: Ventura

The fast talking description game for 4 to 20 kids ages 6 to 12!

Articulate for Kids is the same fast-moving, lively, gripping fun as the adult version. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many card entries as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds without giving "begins with" or "sounds like" clues.

Compiled by an educational specialist, the game has 336 cards with over 2000 entries in the same six categories as the original Articulate. Complete with its own board, it can be played alone or along with Articulate.

Contains: 336 subject cards, folding board, sand timer, 4 playing pieces, rules.


"GHI Best Buy... fast paced ... very enjoyable... lots of fun." Good Housekeeping

"Defies description... to exciting for words" The Daily Express

"A new idea that really works" Radio 4

"Rated highly." Voted best game. The Daily Telegraph

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