ATAR Notes: Year 11 Chemistry Complete Course Notes

Author: Jacob Silove, Publisher: ATAR Notes

The Complete Course Notes are designed to be the perfect companion to any Year 11 student. All notes are fully updated and written to the current syllabus by high-achieving HSC student graduates.

This series provides a unique perspective for any would‑be HSC high‑achiever: you can learn from someone who’s done it.


  • Provides a perfectly condensed summary of the syllabus and allows you to focus on exactly what you need to know.
  • Written in a way that is easy to understand, so you can immediately grasp key concepts.
  • Specifically designed to help you with your assessments and exams, with tips and insights from a past student who knows how to do well.


I Properties and Structure of Matter

  • 1 Properties of Matter
  • 2 Atomic Structure and Atomic Mass
  • 3 Periodicity
  • 4 Bonding

II Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry

  • 1 Mole Concept
  • 2 Concentration and Molarity
  • 3 Gas Laws

III Reactive Chemistry

  • 1 Chemical Reactions
  • 2 Predicting Reactions of Metals
  • 3 Rate of Reactions

IV Drivers of Reactions

  • 1 Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
  • 2 Enthalpy and Hess's Law
  • 3 Entropy and Gibbs Free Energy

V Chemistry Study Tips

  • 1 How to ace your Preliminary Chemistry studies
    • 1.1 General advice
    • 1.2 Common exam problems

About the author

Jacob Silove graduated with a 99.80 ATAR and seven Band 6 subjects. He is currently studying Chemistry at university.

More Information
Year Level Year 11
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9781925534627
Subject Chemistry, Science
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