ATAR Notes: HSC Year 12 Mathematics Extension 2 Notes

Author: Rui Tong, Publisher: ATAR Notes

These HSC Year 12 Mathematics Extension 2 Notes summarise everything you need to know about the 4U course. Each topic contains the key knowledge, techniques, and study tips required to succeed. And every idea has accompanying worked examples to help guide you through the content.

With detailed summaries of each and every core component of the new Maths syllabus, these 4U Maths Notes are all you need. All topics come with clear examples so that you can see the theory put into practice. You will also find helpful graphs and diagrams to visualise key concepts.


  • I HSC Content
  • 1. Proof
  • 2. Vectors
  • 3. Complex Numbers
  • 4. Caluculus
  • 5. Mechanics
  • II Appendices
  • 1. Comparing the Old and New syllabus
  • 2. Resources
  • 3. Exam Strategy

About the author

Rui Tong achieved outstanding HSC results, including a 97 in Maths Extension 2, a 94 in Maths Extension 1, and a 96 in Maths Advanced. On top of being an exceptional educator, having delivered lectures and tutorials to thousands of HSC students, Rui is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics/Computer Science) at UNSW.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2020
ISBN 9781925945621
Subject Maths, Mathematics Extension 2
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