ATAR Notes: HSC Year 12 Physics Notes

Author: Jamon Windeyer, Publisher: ATAR Notes

These HSC Year 12 Physics Notes are an essential guide for the Physics course that will help equip you with both the knowledge and strategy to do well. When it comes to getting a head start on content, or revising what you have learned to ensure you have covered everything, this book does the hard work for you by condensing everything you need to know in a clear and concise way. You will also find plenty of diagrams, worked examples, and even study tips to help you in your Physics journey!


I Module 5:Advanced Mechanics

  1. Projectile Motion
  2. Circular Motion
  3. Motion in Gravitational Fields

II Module 6: Electromagnetism

  1. Charged Particles, Conductors, and Electric and Magnetic Fields
  2. The Motor Effect
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Applications of the Motor Effect

III Module 7: The Nature of Light

  1. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  2. Light: Wave Model
  3. Light: Quantum Model
  4. Light and Special Relativity

IV Module 8: From the Universe to the Atom

  1. Origins of the Elements
  2. Structure of the Atom
  3. Quantum Mechanical Nature of the Atom
  4. Properties of the Nucleus
  5. Deep Inside the Atom

V Exam and Revision Tips

  1. General Advice
  2. Common mistakes in Physics Exams
  3. Strategies for Mathematical Questions
  4. How to study for Physics
  5. Glossary

About the Author

Jamon Windeyer achieved a 99.80 ATAR and six Band 6 scores, making him a HSC All-rounder for 2014. Jamon now studies Electrical Engineering at UNSW.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925534788
Subject Physics, Science
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