ATAR Notes: HSC Year 12 Physics Topic Tests

Author: Jamon Windeyer & Liam Windeyer, Publisher: ATAR Notes

This book contains 16 topic tests with completely original exam-style questions. The tests cover the entire syllabus, whilst allowing you to focus on each dot point throughout the year. Most importantly, each question comes with a detailed solution at the back of the book, showing you exactly what you need to write to attain full marks, as well as advice from a past high-achieving student to help you refine both your knowledge and your test-taking skills.


Module 5: Advanced Kinematics

  • Projectile Motion
  • Circular Motion
  • Motion in Gravitational Fields

Module 6: Electromagnetism

  • Charged Partcles, Conductors, and Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • The Motor Effect
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Applications of the Motor Effect

Module 7: The Nature of Life

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Light: Wave Model
  • Light: Quantum Model
  • Light and Special Relativity

Module 8: From the Universe to the Atom

  • Origins of the Elements
  • Structure of the Atom
  • Quantum Mechanical Nature of the Atom
  • Properties of the Nucleus
  • Deep Inside the Atom

About the authors

Jamon Windeyer achieved a 99.80 ATAR and six Band 6 scores in his HSC, and has been an expert tutor and lecturer for years. He has since pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering at UNSW. Liam Windeyer also achieved outstanding HSC results, graduating with an ATAR of 92.10, and is now studying Computer Science at UNSW.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925534863
Subject Physics, Science
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