Australia as a Nation: Australian History Series Book 6

Author: Sharon Szczecinski, Publisher: Ready-Ed Publications

Australian History Series Book 6: Australia as a Nation has been written specifically for students living in Australia studying History in Year 6. It’s focus is how federation, democracy and migration have contributed to making Australia the nation that it is today.

The activity sheets link closely to the Australian National Curriculum and each one has been written to hold students’ attention and encourage an interest in learning.

Australia as a Nation will be a valuable addition to your classroom resources.

  • Section 1: Australia's Federation
  • Section 2: Australian Democracy and Citizenship
  • Section 3: Australian Migrants
  • Section 4: Contribution of Migrants
  • Section 5: History Tells a Story

Photocopiable under the backline master licence.

More Information
Year Level Year 6
ISBN 9781863978255
Subject History