Australian Identity: A Sense of Belonging (Ages 10+)

Author: , Publisher: RIC

Australian Identity investigates geographical, historical, international, political and sociological factors which have contributed to the formation of Australia's identity. Significant events, people, actions, beliefs and values are considered in reference to what makes Australians 'Australian'.

Upper Primary Themes is one of a new series of four blackline masters designed specifically for students aged 10+. The widely-varied activities in this book cross all major learning areas but in particular connect to outcomes in the key learning areas of English, Society and its Environment, Science, Personal development/Physical Education/Health and The Arts.

All four books in the series are contemporary topics which aim to develop student understanding of themselves, the world around them and how it works and their place and contribution to their world.


  • written specifically for upper primary students
  • themes cover relevant, contemporary topics which appeal to the age group
  • written to support Connected Outcomes Groups – linking to Society and Environment, Science and Technology, Creative Arts and PD/PE/Health key learning areas
  • books are divided into four-page units which include a teacher information page, student information page, student comprehension page and a cross-curricular activity
  • detailed overview for each theme
  • indicators for each unit
  • relevant background information for the teacher
  • overview of unit connections to key learning areas
  • curriculum-linked
  • answers and additional activities
  • quiz questions and answers which may be used as an assessment tool
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Year Level Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
ISBN 9781741266726