Basic Skills - Easy Learn Maths 5B (Basic Skills No. 139)

Author: Julin Tan, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

The Easy-learn Maths series is a comprehensive easy-to-follow set of workbooks (two per grade) with simple and concise explanations and a great number of exercises ranging from easy to the more difficult.  The series nurtures a thinking child and is challenging and stimulating.

Easy Learn Maths 5B contains more than 500 examples and exercises and covers:

  • Fractions - Various Operations, Problems
  • Decimal-Place Values, Fractions & Decimals, Problems
  • The Four Operations with Decimals
  • Estimating Decimals
  • Averages - Problems
  • Solid Figures - Different Faces of a Cube, Nets
  • Volumes-Cubes and Rectangular Prisms
  • Revision
  • Answers

New visual Maths - Step by Step Instructions

More Information
Year Level Year 5
ISBN 9781862941502
Subject Maths