Basic Skills Giant Book of Reading / Comprehension Tests Years 5 to 8 (Basic Skills No. 173)

Author: Graeme Wilson, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Exercises to prepare for Selective Schools Tests and Scholarship Examinations for Year 5 to 8

  • Over 800 challenging multiple choice and vocabulary exercises
  • Removable answers
  • Interesting and original
  • Clear format presented in two parts

Part A contains short passages with a high Australian content.

Part B "Wonders of the World" for above average students.

The aim of this book is to extend student reading/comprehension skills in Years 5 to 8 while providing stimulating and informative subject matter to the reader.

The exercises provide a diverse selection of comprehension situations, including narratives, maps, diagrams, tables, reports, poetry and historical accounts. In most cases multiple choice format is followed. Sets of 50 questions are presented so that the percentage calculation of a student's score can be easily made.

Written and illustrated by Graeme Wilson.

More Information
Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9781862941823
Subject English