Basic Skills - Language & Mathematics Year 8 (Basic Skills No. 82)

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Basic Skills Year 8 Language & Mathematics is the ninth in a series of books designed to help pupils learn the fundamentals in Language and Mathematics together with some general knowledge. Students will improve their skills by the systematic study and disciplined practice offered in the many challenging exercises on each page or set of work.

Much of the mathematics section contains problems rather than mechanical examples. This sharpens thinking and reasoning skills as well as tests mathematical ability and accuracy.

Guesswork should be avoided in the language section where multiple choice answers wre provided. When answering these questions a dictionary, atlas etc should be consulted. This will develop the habit of enquiry and verification, so important in later years of study.

The answer section is placed at the back of the book so that it can be removed by a parent.

Peter Howard is an ex-primary school principal and author of many widely used school teaching aids and textbooks.

Jim Coroneos is an ex-mathematics master and publisher of many mathematics texts and revision papers for secondary schools.

More Information
Year Level Year 8
ISBN 9781862940864
Subject English, Maths