Beginning School ... ready or not

Author: Peter Clutterbuck, Publisher: Five Senses

This book has been written after many requests from young parents seeking advice and some kind of guide to help them determine the readiness level of their child to commence formal schooling.

Many parents will agonise over the decision about sending their child to school and, they will often turn to pre-school and infants teachers, carers and other parents for advice. However there are a lot of variables and there is not one, single, hard and fast rule about when a child really is ready. All children progress at very different rates, especially between the ages of 4 and a half and 6, and they will be little reflections of you, the parents!They will have "modelled" most of their attitudes and behaviours on those who have been closest to them since birth. For example, a child who is accustomed to seeing parents and siblings enjoying reading at home will (probably) have a positive attitude to it themselves. This will provide an ideal springboard for further development at the school level. Consequently, it cannot be emphasised enough that the example that parents set in the home is a critical factor in early school years.

Young children who lack confidence, along with certain basic skills, will undoubtedly struggle in the classroom; while those who are academically advanced will require extra challenges to extend their thinking abilities.

The information and checklists that are included in this booklet will help you determine what stage of development your child is at; as well as, giving you a better idea of what is expected at primary school. The activities can be used either as a diagnostic tool or as practice sheets, if the skills have already been demonstrated.

Readiness check pages will give you some idea of the things that you can do to assure yourself that your child is "ready" for formal schooling. Simply record your child's results and then enter them on the Summary list provided to help give you a broad overview of 'where your child is at.'

A list of online resources is also contained in the book for further consideration.


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Year Level Kindergarten
ISBN 9781741301441