Blake's Learning Centres Literacy Games Book 2 Lower Primary

Author: Belinda Howell, Publisher: Blake Education
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Literacy Games - Lower - Book 2

10 games (5—6 years)

  • sequencing events
  • recognition of letters
  • matching initial sounds and pictures
  • identifying beginning sounds in CVC words
  • identifying medial sounds in CVC words
  • identifying final sounds in CVC words
  • rhyming words
  • identifying the number of syllables in a word
  • reading high frequency words

Blake’s Learning Centres are a wonderful, motivating way for students to practise important skills. The games in these books are self-contained and portable. Students can work in small groups to practise key literacy skills. Once teachers have assembled the colourful and fun games they have a classroom resource that will last for years.

Each book contains full-colour materials to construct the easy-to-make games. The books also include instructions for assembling and playing the games as well as a reproducible work sheet and skills’ checklist for each game.

This series is an ideal companion to the Reading Assessment Tasks series, as each game targets specific literacy areas, enabling students to improve their skills in an easy and fun way.

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