Cambridge Business Studies Year 12 4e (Print & Interactive Textbook)

Author: Marianne Hickey, Tony Nader & Tim Williams, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Year 12 (HSC) Business Studies Fourth Edition has been comprehensively updated to help students keep in step with a constantly changing and increasing global business environment.

Written for the NSW Stage 6 syllabus, Cambridge Year 12 (HSC) Business Studies Fourth Edition consolidates and builds on the concepts covered in the Preliminary course.

It examines the areas of operation, marketing, financial management and human resources, encouraging you to explore and apply theory through real-world business examples and to consider the ethical issues raised by a rapidly changing global business environment.


  • New and updated real-world examples reflect current business activity and practice. Included in this edition are disruptive businesses such as Airbnb and Netflix, and new ways of starting and running a business, such as crowd funding, that are having an impact on the business operations of a range of industries. This helps students apply theory to current business practices.
  • A new, integrated, whole-year case study for Year 12 covers all aspects of the Domino's pizza business in Australia. With technological innovations in progress, and recent media discussion around the franchisee system, this business provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore the topics of the syllabus in a real-world context.
  • Superior Year 12 exam preparation support includes comprehensive end-of-chapter material, exam-style questions, and revision tasks for every topic.
  • Visual aids introduce and reinforce business concepts while a wide variety of theoretical and practical activities develop key comprehension, analysis, research and discussion skills.
  • Now offering even more content, the Interactive Textbook brings the study of business to life with drag-and-drop activities, rich video material, rollover definitions and more.


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  2. Access code for digital resources via Cambridge GO (located on inside cover of textbook):
    • PDF textbook
    • Interactive textbook
More Information
Year Level Year 12
Edition 4th
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9781316648834
Subject Business Studies