Cambridge Checkpoints Year 12 Modern History 2019-2020

Author: Troy Neale & Melissa Bright, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Checkpoints Year 12 Modern History (2019-2020) includes sample examination questions for 2019, past specimen examination questions, and suggested responses. This title includes one access code for QuizMeMore, which offers a host of additional auto- or self-marking questions to help you prepare for your exams.


  1. Introduction

Part I: Core Study

  1. Power and Authority in the Modern World 1919-1946

Part II: National Study

  1. China 1927-1949
  2. Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941
  3. USA 1919-1941

Part III: Peace and Conflict

  1. Conflict in Indochina 1954-1979
  2. Conflict in Europe 1935-1945
  3. The Cold War 1945-1991

Part IV: Change in the Modern World

  1. The Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square 1966-1989
  2. Apartheid in South Africa 1960-1994
  3. Civil Rights in the USA 1945-1968
  1. Sample suggested responses
  2. Sample essay Answer
  • Study cards
More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781108460330
Subject History, Modern History
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