Challenges in Science Book 1: Science and Technology Tests Years 3 to 4 (Item no. 170)

Author: Graeme Wilson, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Science is not simply a body of knowledge, but rather it is a controlled exploration of our world. The science series, Succeeding in Science was written to supply enough basic science material to enable students to gain an insight into the scientific and technological world around them and to cover basic Junior Science and Technology topics.

This series of two books, Challenges in Science, seeks to further test and extend the student's comprehension and understanding of the scientific world. The questions included are entirely new and do not repeat any questions set in the previous series, but the formal sections of each of the books has been closely followed.

Challenges in Science 1 is based on material covered by Books 3 and 4 of the series, Succeeding in Science. These topics are:

  • Animal Habitats
  • Our Wide Brown Land
  • Senses and Surroundings
  • The Magic of Sound
  • The Wonderful Wheel
  • Body Basics
  • Systems of the Body
  • Cycles for Life
  • Three Simple Machines
  • Communications

The Method

A variety of test situations are used including multiple choice, true/false, completion exercises, labelling, provision of definitions, crosswords, matching tests and guided responses. Each section ends with an even more probing question, "Why?" which requires students to think their way through a problem. Included at the end of each of the two sections is a chapter on "Internet and Library Research", presenting futher explorations of just a few of the many interesting aspects of science. A removable answer section is included containing lengthy answers to all questions including those that need problem analysis.

The Result

Because of the innovative format, students with an enquiring mind should enjoy working through this text. Students preparing for examinations for Selective School and Independent School Entrance will find the text helpful not only with regard to content but also for the probing nature and the wide variety of questions used.

More Information
Year Level Year 3, Year 4
ISBN 9781862941809
Subject Science