China: A Cross-Curricular Theme Ages 11+

Author: , Publisher: RIC
A cross-curricular theme

China – a cross-curricular theme has been written to provide students from primary to lower secondary school with opportunities to discover natural, physical, cultural, economic and politicalaspects about this fascinating Asian country and its people. The worksheets in this series give information about both modern and Ancient China and use a wide variety of activities across many learning areas.

The nine sections in the book are geography of China, modern China, Beijing, people of China, ancient China, wonders of China, celebrations and customs, fables and legends and the arts. This valuable and comprehensive resource will support any society and environment program.

  • nine sections
  • student information and activity pages
  • comprehensive teachers notes pages
  • detailed background information
  • worksheet information
  • suggested additional activities
  • cross-curricular student activity pages
  • indicators
  • answers where necessary
  • curriculum links
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Year Level Year 6
ISBN 9781741266627