Cloze Passages for Year 5

Author: Gary Kay, Publisher: Five Senses

Cloze passages are a form of comprehension designed so that reading is for reading and understanding. Cloze Passages for Year 5 is designed to give students a wide range of activities in the following text types at a level that is suitable, yet challenging.

  • Recount
  • Poem
  • Narrative
  • Exposition
  • Argument
  • Factual recount
  • Biography
  • Letter
  • Description
  • Explanation

Following each passage there are exercises which follow on from that passage and link to it. They are designed to extend your comprehension, increase grammatical awareness and develop thinking and research skills. Also included are activities that extend the imagination.

Answers are provided.

More Information
Year Level Year 5
ISBN 9781876028145
Subject English