Student Book 3rd Edition Student Book

Author: Kleeman et al, Publisher: Farr
9780170251587 has been fully revised and updated, while retaining its original features that proved so popular. It incorporates the four core topics of the NSW Commerce syllabus: consumer choice, personal finance, law and society, and employment issues, while providing plenty of examples to consolidate student understanding. Knowledge, understanding and skills are developed using a variety of resources, from conventional to ICT-based activities. The text and associated activities encourage students to achieve a level of financial literacy necessary to operate effectively in a commercial environment. Values and attitudes are also explored to assist students in making considered decisions about present and future financial matters. The printed book is also available as a digital NelsonNetbook. The NelsonNetbook is free to schools who adopt (booklist) the series, or it can be purchased separately.

More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9780170251587
Subject Commerce
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