Complete Comprehension Practice 5

Author: Rosemary Allen, Publisher: Scholastic Singapore

Complete Comprehension Practice is a series of six books that provide focused and extensive reading comprehension and viewing skills pracrice in varied assessment formats. This series provides practice across a rich variety of text types to enable students to construct, interpret and apply meaning as they read.


  • assessment formats such as multiple-choice questions (only in Books 1-4), Visual Text Comprehension, cloze passage, and open-ended questions to build students' confidence in tackling all comprehension questions
  • exercise formats such as mutliple-choice, cloze passage, and open-ended questions to develop stuednts' literal, inferential and higher-order thinking skills
  • extensive coverage of multi-modal print texts that build students' ability to interpret visual text progressively
More Information
Year Level Year 5
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9789814559041
Subject English