Comprehension Made Easy Book 3

Author: Burgess, Publisher: Cengage Learning

The Comprehension Made Easy series by Therese Burgess is made up of six books from Year 1 to Year 6.

Books in the series treat the text types outlined in the English curriculum. Units of work will help children in locating answers, using words in context, finding facts, identifying and using inferences, drawing conclusions, building words, sequencing events and with many other activities.

These skills are presented at a child’s level of development. Each book contains 33 units of work with skill headings and associated activities.

Reading exercises are varies so children have the opportunity to experience and interpret a diversity of texts. Lessons are graded so children develop skills when reading for understanding and in turn will become better readers.

Teaching objectives are provided in the program/register to assist with the busy teacher plan an effective reading program.

A full set of lift-out answers will help a teacher or child monitor progress.


This series is ideal for both home and school.

More Information
Date of Publication 1/01/1997
ISBN 9780170116374
Subject English