Connecting with Science Education 2e

Author: Robyn Gregson & Nathaniel Doidge, Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Connect with science and learn how to teach it creatively.

Connecting with Science Education, second edition, supports pre-service teachers as they enter the professional world by connecting theory to practice. It meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum while incorporating STEM and Indigenous science knowledge; and has a balanced coverage of biological, physical and chemical sciences, with some mathematics. With plenty of practical classroom-based activities, this new edition encourages pre-service teachers to be creative in their teaching and to stimulate curiosity about science in themselves and their students.

New to this edition

  • New co-editor, Nathaniel Doidge adds practical teaching experience to Part Two: Turning Theory into Practice
  • Revised chapters on theory and practices to support pre-service teachers in the preparation of lessons about science
  • New Part Two with activities that focus on science content and how to teach it
  • Clearer, more explicit links to the Australian Curriculum
  • Lecturer and student resources that reinforce and extend learning including videos, weblinks, multiple choice questions and PowerPoint slides.

The print version comes with one (1) access code on the inside back cover for Connecting with Science Education Oxford Ascend Student Resources, activated at This code can only be activated once. Once activated, access is valid for three (3) years.


  • 1. What is Science?
  • 2. Becoming Explorers of Our World: The Purpose of Science Education
  • 3. Making Connections with the Students’ World
  • 4. Engaging the Australian Curriculum
  • 5. Reconnecting Students with Science
  • 6. Planning Creative and Effective Science Lessons
  • 7. Why We Teach Literacy in Science
  • 8. The What, Why, Who, Where and When of Assessment
  • 9. Introducing Science Content
  • 10. Living Things
  • 11. Chemical Sciences
  • 12. Earth and Space Sciences
  • 13. Physical Sciences

About the Authors

Robyn Gregson – Former lecturer, researcher and teacher in Science and has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary level

Nathaniel Doidge – Deputy Principal at Erskine Park High School, New South Wales.

More Information
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2 May 2018
ISBN 9780190309343
Subject Science