Cousins Across the Sea Teacher Resource Book

Author: , Publisher: Phoenix

The British Empire, and later the Commonwealth, was responsible for spreading the English language across the world. This selection of short stories comes from the writers of many of those countries which became part of what is now the British Commonwealth. These include Canada, England, India, Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Wales

The selection provides 29 stories, many by famous authors such as the Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer and the Nigerian Chinua Achebe, whose novel Things Fall Apart is the most widely read work of African literature. As well as containing storytelling of the highest quality, the collection has the added value of providing insights into the societies from which the stories come.

The Cousins Across the Sea Teacher’s Resource Book, by Glenys Acland, Ken Watson and Rachel Duke, includes

  • Using response journals
  • The short story form – an introductory unit
  • Activities on groups of stories
  • Notes and Activities on individual stories
  • Activities applicable to a range of stories
  • Notes on the authors
  • Some background notes on the literature of the Commonwealth
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Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781921085741
Subject English