Didactic Stories 3 Ages 13 to 14 (BLM)

Author: Gunter Schymkiw, Publisher: Five Senses

Teaching Values Through Literature – Didactic Stories is a three book series which uses stories whose good purpose is to encourage students to think about issues of conduct, good manners and sustainable values.

Many of these stories have been adapted from 19th century school readers and writings for children and are meant to impart good values in a simple yet powerful manner.

For many students these stories will provide a first encounter with philosophy. There is scope for a critical examination of behavior. Concepts such as cause and effect, wisdom and folly, actions and consequences are visited. Each story explores a familiar human behavior or dilemma which lends itself to candid classroom discussion.

The accompanying comprehension activities cover a variety of questions types that cross several key learning areas. Assessment activities include an optional marking code which allows assessments to be expressed as a percentage.

Some stories are accompanied with more than one assessment type to allow variety in the way this material is presented to students. Several stories have an accompanying cloze exercise. Some ideas to assist teachers in leading class discussions are contained in the Teachers Notes section of the book. A skills overview is provided to assist teachers with programming and registration of student progress.

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Year Level Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781741302882
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