Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students: 150 Ready-to-Use Independent Studies

Author: Brenda Holt McGee, Debbie Triska Keiser, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education

Kids love exploring complex topics, and the more than 150 ready-to-use projects in this book will get their minds working and their hands investigating as they complete fun tasks like "Can You See Sound?" and "It's All in the Advertising." The research-oriented activities in this book will help teachers provide differentiated learning experiences for advanced and gifted learners based on grade-level content. Each project is written for learners in grades 3–5 to use independently, and the teacher-friendly projects require few additional materials and very little guidance. The projects are fully integrated, with many employing skills from several content areas. Learners will use 21st-century skills as they explore grade-level content more deeply through specific, intensive online research.

Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students was written to help teachers in third, fourth and fifth grades differentiate instruction for advanced and gifted learners. The activities are hands-on, discovery-based, research-oriented and cross-curricular.

Activities in Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students are grouped into chapters according to social studies and science standards. These activities can be assigned as independent study projects or can be completed by groups of students.

The activities in this book were written to support and extend instruction in upper elementary classrooms. When teachers are implementing units in social studies or science, they can choose extension activities to help students delve more deeply into subject matter.

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Year Level Year 3, Year 4, Year 5
Date of Publication 2015
ISBN 9781760017187