Differentiation in Middle & High School: Strategies to Engage All Learners

Author: Kristina J. Doubet, Jessica A. Hockett, Publisher: Hawker Brownlow Education

In this one-stop resource for middle years and secondary school teachers, Kristina J. Doubet and Jessica A. Hockett explore how to use differentiated instruction to help students be more successful learners – regardless of background, native language, learning preference, motivation or school savvy.

They explain how to

  • create a healthy classroom community in which students’ unique qualities and needs are as important as the ones they have in common
  • translate curriculum into manageable and meaningful learning goals that are fit to be differentiated
  • use pre-assessment and formative assessment to uncover students’ learning needs and tailor tasks accordingly
  • present students with avenues to take in, process and produce knowledge that appeal to their varied interests and learning profiles
  • navigate roadblocks to implementing differentiation.

Each chapter provides a plethora of practical tools, templates and strategies for a variety of subject areas developed by and for real teachers. Whether you’re new to differentiated instruction or looking to expand your repertoire of DI strategies, Differentiation in Middle and High School will show you classroom-tested ways to better engage students and help them succeed every day.

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Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2015
ISBN 9781760018825