Discovering Science Lower Primary Pack

Author: Williams et al, Publisher: Pearson

The Discovering Science Middle Primary Pack contains the Teachers Resource Book, with Topic Starter Picture Cards and Fiction and Nonfiction Student Topic Books.

Discovering Science Teachers Resource Books are written by experienced classroom teachers, allowing for simple implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Science while keeping learner engagement at the heart of the series.

A step-by-step, easy-to-use teacher resource book that provides teachers with the content and confidence to implement the Australian Curriculum: Science F-6 whilst engaging the learner through a variety of resources, practicals, texts and activities and include many engaging BLMS and creative ideas for field trips.

The Teacher Resource Books unpack the Australian Curriculum: Science and provide detailed Scope and Learning Sequences. In particular, they outline how each Australian Curriculum content descriptor fits in and covers each curriculum strand; including hands-on practical activities that will engage students and get them excited about science around them. They will also outline expected student learning and outcomes at each level.

Available in print and digital, picture cards provide visual stimulus for classroom discussion. These cards are included with each Teacher Resource Book.

Fiction Topic Books cover the key strands of the Australian Curriculum while making Science more accessible by teaching concepts through a fictional story with likeable characters.

Non fiction Topic Books include engaging scientific and historical photographs that give opportunities for classroom discussion.

Pack Components

  1. Discovering Science Lower Primary Teacher Resource Book
  2. Non-Fiction Topic Books (6 titles)
    • (Biology Lower Primary): Living Things Around You (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)
    • (Earth and Space Lower Primary): The Weather (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)
    • (Chemistry Lower Primary): What are Things Made Of? (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)
    • (Physics Lower Primary): Forces We Use Every Day (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)
    • (Biology Lower Primary): What Do Living Things Look Like? (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)
    • (Earth and Space Lower Primary): Changes Around You (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)
  3. Fiction Topic Books (6 titles)
    • (Chemistry Lower Primary): Sam Sorts Things Out (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)
    • (Physics Lower Primary): Little Rex and Big Buddy (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)
    • (Biology Lower Primary): When Charlie Grows Up (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)
    • (Earth and Space Lower Primary): A Muddy Mystery (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)
    • (Chemistry Lower Primary): Magic Sam (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)
    • (Physics Lower Primary): Ruby's Big Band (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)
More Information
Year Level Year 1, Year 2
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9781486092338
Subject Science