Early Basic Skills 2: Simple Words and Sentences using Victorian font (No. 367)

Author: D.J. Ferguson, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

This book is the second in a series of five in the Early Basic Skills series using Victorian handwriting font for children aged 4 to 7:

  • #366 Early Basic Skills: Single Sounds
  • #367 Early Basic Skills: Simple Words & Sentences
  • #368 Early Basic Skills: Blending Consonants
  • #369 Early Basic Skills: Using Digraphs
  • #370 Early Basic Skills: Written Text: Punctuation and Grammar

In this workbook, it is assumed that the child has already met all of the single sounds and is now ready to consolidate that knowledge by working with single sounds. This book uses many three letter single sound words (cat, dog) as well as many four letter single sound words (hill, duck, pram).

In this workbook, children are given the opportunity to:

  • hone their decoding skills
  • improve comprehension skills
  • practise handwriting and
  • increase their sight vocabulary through a variety of activities

These activities include:

  • writing missing letters
  • matching word to picture
  • tracing over words
  • copying and creating sentences
  • drawing pictures to demonstrate comprehension of text
  • selecting correct words
  • answering yes or no, or selecting true or false to demonstrate understanding of text
  • matching words to word shapes
  • building new words
  • reading and using rhyming words
  • Who am I
More Information
Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781921565625
Subject Early Years, English