Early Learning Skills Book 1 Preschool / Kinder Single Sounds (No. 166)

Author: Denise Tyras, Publisher: Coroneos Publications

Each letter of the alphabet is covered. Children should be encouraged to say the sound each letter makes. This will give them a good start in reading.

A double page is devoted to each letter where you will find:

  1. Things to do - a suggestion of activities to further reinforce each sound. Many of these activities require adult assistance, supervision and guidance.
  2. Activities - a variety of different tasks is covered throughout the book. Skills such as identifying, writing, drawing, reading and matching beginning words are developed.
  3. Handwriting - Foundation Style of lettering has been used throughout the book. Children need to trace each letter as directed by the arrows to develop the correct style.
  4. Once all letters have been covered, there are revision activities to reinforce single sounds. Extension activities are included such as: matching three-letter words, identifying opposites, reading simple sentences and a sight word list.

    Parents are asked to assist their children by reading the instructions for each activity, correct their efforts, and praise work that is attempted. Continual reinforcement of single sounds will ensure your children learn the fundamentals in language.

More Information
Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten
ISBN 9781862941779
Subject Early Years, English