Eight Ways at Once: Book 1

Author: Toni Noble & Helen McGrath, Publisher: Pearson
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This book introduces and explains the revisions to both Gardners and Blooms models and outlines over 200 classroom strategies.


  • A detailed explanation and translation of the most significant changes in each of the revised models
  • A version of the highly successful MI/Bloom planning matrix which was pioneered by the authors and has since been utilised by thousands of teachers and adapted by other authors and consultants
  • Checklists for self-assessment and teacher observation
  • Engaging MI games and sorts which help students to assess their own strengths with less reading and writing and more hands-on responses.
  • Over 200 practical teaching strategies and games (each categorised by MI and Blooms level of thinking)
  • FAQs on strategies for assessment using MI, Bloom and the planning matrix
  • Guidelines for developing MI learning centres
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Edition 1st
Date of Publication 6 June 2005
ISBN 9781740911184
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