Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum Year 9 2nd edition

Author: Brownhill, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

The second edition of the popular Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum series has been updated for today’s students. Providing support for differentiated learning and featuring flexible ICT tasks that encourage language and literacy development, the series is ideal for both classroom use and homework.

  • The multilevel approach to key language and literacy skills caters to the different learning abilities in the classroom and assists teachers in matching tasks to the skill of their students. Three levels of carefully graded questions (Test yourself, Extend yourself and Challenge yourself) give every student an achievable starting point and the opportunity to enhance their skills.
  • New text extracts and examples of classic and popular texts provide the very best support for today’s students, while covering the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and the cross curricula priorities.
  • Fully integrated tech challenges and online tasks encourage students to explore the impact of technology on their own language and literacy development. Each workbook includes a dedicated introduction to ICT in the classroom (“Using Digital Technology for English skills”) suggesting applications that can be used with the workbook.

Units in each workbook are organised by skills and cover:

  • grammar and punctuation
  • spelling
  • vocabulary
  • reading, writing and comprehension
  • writing and editing
More Information
Year Level Year 9
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9781316607688
Subject English