Essential Skills Maths Kindergarten 1

Author: , Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)

The Essential Skills series consists of 6 books and is written specially for the pre-schooler. It reinforces concepts and essential skills relevant to this age and beyond, enhances their understanding of the things around them and motivates them to explore and learn more.

There are useful ideas at the bottom of each page for parents and teachers to discuss with their children. This will enable the children to go beyond the activity to enhance learning and stimulate their minds. In this way, they increase their knowledge of the world around them, cultivate an enquiring mind and improve their ability to express themselves and their thinking through speech. Through this interactive process, communication between parent/teacher and child is cultivated.

Key features:

  • Concept: Enhances the child’s understanding of the things around him/her
  • Skills: Skills involved in each activity are highlighted for parents/teachers to easily track the child’s learning development
  • One Step Further: Useful ideas/suggestions to expand the child’s learning


  • Unit 1: Shapes and Colours
  • Unit 2: Same/Different
  • Unit 3: Comparison (More/Less)
  • Unit 4: Number Sequence
  • Unit 5: Counting
  • Unit 6: Count and Draw
  • Unit 7: Number Words
  • Unit 8: Patterns
  • Unit 9: Addition
  • Unit 10: Subtraction
  • Unit 11: Numbers (11-20)
  • Unit 12: Measurements
  • Unit 13: Addition (One More)
  • Unit 14: Addition (More Than)
  • Unit 15: Addition (Altogether)
  • Unit 16: Number Bonds
  • Unit 17: Numbers (21-30)
  • Unit 18: Subtraction (Less Than)
  • Unit 19: Subtraction
  • Unit 20: Sequencing
  • Unit 21: Ordering
  • Unit 22: Pictographs

Colour. 96 pages. Suitable for 4-5 years old

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9789814252973
Subject Maths