Excel in English with Critical Thinking Primary 5

Author: Daniel Tay, Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)

Excel in English with Critical Thinking is written in line with the latest syllabus from Singapore's Ministry of Education. The new syllabus focuses more greatly on training pupils to meet the 21st century challenges. It incorporates more thinking processes such as inference and reflection.

This book helps pupils to 'practise' thinking with exercises regularly infused with inferential questions. With regular practice, pupils should gain mental agility to meet the demands of the new syllabus. Where necessary, a Parental Guide is included for parents to read and explain to their children how an answer is inferred or arrived.

'User-friendly' is the right word to describe this book. Comprehension questions are printed side by side the passage so the pupils can conveniently refer to it for answers. In addition, whilst training pupils to think, it still trains pupils in the fundamentals, such as vocabulary, grammar, editing, and synthesis & transformation.


  • Vocabulary: Exposing pupils to challenging words that are appropriate for their levels, equipping them with the resources to meet daily communication and assessment requirements.
  • Grammar: Building pupils' foundations to systematically learn the English Language.
  • Comprehension: Including new (Singapore) syllabus requirements such as inferential questions that require pupils to think of answers that are deduced but not stated in the texts. The Answer Key conveniently provides parents with Parental Guidance if pupils are unable to deduce themselves initially. They should however improve over time.
More Information
Year Level Year 5
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9789810949112
Subject English