Excel Junior High School Grammar Handbook

Author: Phil Walker, Publisher: Pascal Press
The Excel Junior High School Grammar Handbook has been designed to help students in years 7-10 achieve a high level of mastery over basic grammatical concepts and terminology. It has been prepared so that a single page covers one specific aspect of grammar.

Terms and activities are introduced in a logical sequence, so it's not necessary to turn to later pages to understand the content. There is also a grammar dictionary providing succinct and easily understood definitions of all terms used in the book.
The Excel Junior School Grammar Handbook:
- is a comprehensive guide to grammar.
- is an all-in-one reference and practice book.
- will help students master basic grammar.
- introduces terms and activities in a logical sequence.
- covers one specific point of grammar on each page.
- includes a grammar dictionary with easily understood definitions.
- features a variety of progress tests for each unit.
- provides answers and explanations for self-assessment.

This book will prove valuable to the following groups of students:

- Students in Years 7-10 requiring a comprehensive coverage of grammar

- Students studying languages other than English who will find a sound knowledge of English grammar is a significant advantage

- Students from non-English speaking backgrounds who will benefit from the structured
   page-by-page approach to the complexities of English

- Students in the final years of secondary school who require a systematic presentation of English grammar
- Mature age students requiring a refresher course in grammatical structure.provides answers and explanations for self-assessment.
 - Introduction
 - Parts of speech
 - Sentence parts and features
 - Phrases, sentences and clauses
 - Syntax and correct usage
- Functional grammar terms and usage
- Dictionary of grammatical terms
- Answers

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2007
ISBN 9781741252590
Subject English
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