Exploring Genre: A Horror Anthology

Author: Richard Baines (editor), Publisher: Phoenix

In Exploring Genre: A Horror Anthology we are introduced to a broad and varied collection of chilling and blood-curdling tales. The stories are divided into groups: pure horror, ghost stories and creature stories. Here is a tale of a disabled child arsonist, a ghost that comes to stay at the home of a frightened old lady, and a panther who plays mother to a boy who is constantly bullied at school. Here are also real life horror stories: a meeting of the Ghost Hunters Society, a tale of a horrific Japanese earthquake, and a terrible shooting in a prestigious Australian girls' school.

The Exploring Genre books add to a reader's experience of short story writing in the genres of crime, fantasy and horror.. Extending beyond the traditional, they challenge our ideas of what to expect. There are stories in these collections from Australia, but also tales set in America, England, Japan, Sweden and India. They include stories both fact and fiction and are accompanied by a thought-provoking poem or two. Each story is followed by fresh and stimulating activities for comprehension, discussion and imaginative writing. The tales have been chosen for their appeal to students, the quality of the writing, and the relevance of the issues they explore.


The Horror Story


  • Smoke by Geraldine Stowe
  • The October Game by Ray Bradbury
  • Homicide House by Day Keene


  • The Phone Goes Dead by Anthony Horowitz
  • Guests by Nick Barclay
  • Miriam by Truman Capote


  • Glowworms by Mary Gordon Fisher
  • Mother by Stephen Elboz
  • Fingers by Harry Turner
  • From the Mouse to the Hawk by Dion Henderson

True Horror

  • Forty-two Degrees South by William Regan
  • Scream Fest by Steve Packer
  • When Kobe Died by David van Biema
  • Death and the Maidens by Jane Cadzow

Journeying on …

  • The Bat is My Brother by Robert Bloch
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Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2016 (Republished by Phoenix). Originally published 2001.
ISBN 9781925169058
Subject English
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