Exploring Short Stories Vol 1: Teacher's Resource Book

Author: Peter Adams, Publisher: Phoenix

Exploring Short Stories Teacher Resource Books provide detailed information about features of the short story as a genre, an extensive commentary on each story with notes on the authors, the themes and features of the writing. For each story there are practical ideas for teachers, and copiable activities and exercises for students.


 A. The Reader

  • ‘Sequencing’
  • ‘Predicting the Ending’
  • ‘Articulating the Themes’

 B. The Text

  • ‘Intertextuality’
  • ‘Unreliable Narrators’
  • ‘A Shift of Perspective’
  • ‘A Twist in the Tale’
  • ‘Indeterminate Endings’
  • ‘Parallel Narration’
  • ‘Same But Different’


More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781921085239
Subject English