Extension Maths: Book 6

Author: Clare Way, Publisher: Teaching Solutions

A series of activity books for students capable of working approximately one year beyond their class level, and who need to be challenged and extended mathematically.


  • Students are empowered to work independently at an advanced level on common mathematical strands/areas, alongside their classmates.
  • Activities are outcomes based and cover the main mathematical learning strands and dimensions.
  • Students gain confidence in their abilities and are able to apply mathematical concepts to a variety of situations.
  • Makes life easier for busy teachers by providing an easy-to-use reproducible resource that can be incorporated into the existing curriculum.
  • Books are cross-referenced to current state curriculums and contain an assessment checklists for teachers, between 18 and 40 reproducible activity worksheets under each mathematical strand, plus assessment worksheets at the end of each strand.
  • Answers provided for all worksheets.
More Information
Year Level Year 6
ISBN 9781921454172