Feuerwerk 2 Text

Author: Hoffmann, Rogan & Sedunary, Publisher: Pearson

Feuerwerk 2 continues to use the cartoon format as the main focus of the language and cultural content of each chapter.

In this level the characters head off to Schloß Neuschwanstein, Landshut, Berlin, Salzburg and other places in Germany and Austria for the summer holidays.

Feuerwerk 2 continues the humorous approach to communicative language teaching adopted in the first level of the course with new challenges designed to meet the changing needs of the maturing German learner.

The German language is used more extensively, most noticeably in the cultural sections. Most instructions are in German. A new section called Spielen macht Spaß! provides students with additional language activities.

Feuerwerk 2, through a wide variety of challenging and entertaining activities, continues to develop all of the students’ skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  • cartoon stories where the Feuerwerk characters visit places in Germany and Austria for the summer holidays
  • a wide range of text types
  • longer reading passages
  • fun language games
  • more detailed grammatical explanations
  • student instructions in German
  • integration of language and culture.
More Information
Date of Publication 1996
ISBN 9781875633524
Subject Foreign Languages, German