Food Tech Focus Stage 5 (2e) Student Book

Author: Fanning, Gualtieri, Cornius-Randall and Blake, Publisher: Cengage Learning

Please note that Food Tech Focus Stage 5 Student Book does not include any access codes. It is a print-only edition.

Written for the Stage 5 NSW Food Technology Syllabus, the second edition of Food Tech Focus has been updated with new activities, case studies and on-trend recipes. It has an increased focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills and includes even more content around nutrition and ensuring students make responsible food choices. It also looks at changes to the wider context of the education landscape and attitudes towards food and nutrition.

The slick and engaging new text design has been created to ensure the content is presented in a format that is visually appealing and engaging for students. All the graphs, tables and statistics have been thoroughly checked and updated, so teachers can be confident in the relevance and accuracy of the information being taught.

More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9780170383417
Subject Food Technology, Technology
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