Get Ready! English Year 5 + CD

Author: John Barwick and Jenny Barwick, Publisher: Teaching Solutions

Designed to help teachers engage students at the key stage of learning at the start of each lesson. The activities are ‘grabs’ of work to be completed in about five minutes, capturing students’ attention in a positive way and preparing them for learning by focusing their attention on the act of learning.


  • Each book contains 40 ‘weekly workout’ sheets plus 10 generic activity sheets.
  • Activities are a mix of closed response which hone in on a particular skill, and open response which provide scope for different levels of response.
  • There is an appropriate balance of consistency and variety in the structure and style of activities.
  • Activities are based on appropriate syllabus content, and develop literacy and reasoning skills.
The work can be used to:
  • engage learners in a positive and meaningful way prior to the start of major learning exercises;
  • act as ‘five-minute time-filler’ resources, suitable also as lesson breaks and to fill periods of time at the end of other lessons;
  • provide ‘basic skills’ resources to support literacy and numeracy;
  • provide ‘enrichment/brain food’ resources to support an enriched curriculum;
  • act as ‘teacher timesavers’ providing practical classroom strategies;
  • act as a valuable resource for casual teachers and inexperienced teachers to help engage students.

The accompanying CD contains all the worksheets, plus answers to all activities.

More Information
Year Level Year 5
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9781921613111