Global Interactions Year 11 eBook 3ed (Access Code)

Author: Kleeman et al, Publisher: Pearson

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This third edition features an improved design, with content clearly divided into sections, chapters and topic-based units, and delivering concise explanations of key terms and concepts. The fresh layout shows off a focus on clear navigation, easy-to-follow content and better readability to support student learning.

Series Features

  • New edition delivers updated content, statistics and case studies to cover all aspects of the NSW Stage 6 Geography Syllabus
  • Dynamic and relevant images, textual examples, graphs and maps for a more engaging approach to covering content for the senior geography syllabus
  • Reader+, Pearson's next generation eBook, features additional content and digital activities and offers online and offline access providing more ways for students and teachers to access content
  • Teacher support materials such as sample responses, skills and concepts, and teaching programs to enrich the content and save you time
  • Sample responses with differentiated and scaffolded answers to support students with exam preparation


  • Section 1: Biophysical interactions
    • Chapter 1: Biophysical interactions: an introduction
    • Chapter 2: The atmosphere
    • Chapter 3: The hydrosphere
    • Chapter 4: The lithosphere
    • Chapter 5: The biosphere
    • Chapter 6: Coastal environments and management
    • Chapter 7: Catchments and river regulation
  • Section 2: Global challenges
    • Chapter 8: Population geography
    • Chapter 9: Natural resource use
    • Chapter 10: Cultural integration
    • Chapter 11: Political geography
    • Chapter 12: Geographies of development
    • Chapter 13: Geoskills
More Information
Year Level Year 11
Edition 3rd
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781488663291
Subject Geography
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